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Welcome to Golden Hook Fishing Club, Inc.

The Golden Hook Fishing Club was founded to promote and encourage the sport of saltwater game fishing in the Virgin Islands, while at the same time, instilling an awareness of the importance of conservation of marine life, both in its members and in the Virgin Islands Community. By filling out a membership form, and committing some of your time to our club, you can help to ensure that game fishing will continue in our islands as an environmentally safe and fun sport.
Membership entitles you to:

  • Club Tee Shirt
  • Notice of all club related activities
  • Discounts on tournament entry fees
Club History

Incorporated on August 18, 1999, as a legal non-profit corporation, The Golden Hook Fishing Club, Inc. has three
major goals

  1. To promote Sport Fishing on St. Croix and within the US Virgin Islands as a whole. This goal is to be achieved through the establishment and promotion of a series of fishing tournaments known as the Golden Hook Series
  2. To promote a conservation oriented approach to Sport Fishing both among members and the community as a whole, so that the sport can continue for many years to come.
  3. To have fun!


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